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A Guide on What to Expect

What might my incision look like after surgery?
Rotate the image below to see potential postoperative appearance. Postoperative appearance is patient specific and dependent on the surgical procedure. Individual results will vary based on age, skin color, health conditions and the wound closure technique performed by your surgeon.

Learn more about minimizing appearance of surgical incisions by providing an optimal environment for wound healing and potentially reduce risk of an infection.

Learn about surgical wound care

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On average when did patients report having less pain with this treatment option?
The SOS Global Data is limited to and contingent upon the enrolled patients' inputs and does not reflect validated study results or unenrolled patient outcomes. No claims can be made on the potential of these results without further statistical analysis to determine if there is a statistical significance. More patients and more numbers are needed to evaluate the long-term success. Given these complexities, the outcomes described are not guaranteed.