Treatment Options:

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A finger dislocation occurs when one of the bones of the finger is displaced from its normal positioning.

What are the causes?

Trauma, such as a fall or sports injuries are a common cause of finger dislocations. A ball striking the tip of the finger is also a common cause of finger dislocations.

What are the symptoms?

Immediate pain, swelling, loss of motion and a visible deformity may be present.

How is it diagnosed?

A dislocation is usually obvious on physical exam. X-rays will be obtained to evaluate for a fracture that may have also occurred at the time of dislocation.

How is it treated?


The surgeon can realign the bones and a splint will be placed on the finger for several weeks until the surrounding soft tissues heal. Physical therapy is recommended to regain motion and strength.


An operation is indicated if the finger cannot be put back in place, or if the fracture disrupts the joint.